Bells, Cymbals and Gongs

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Chao gong

The Chao gong (tam tam) has been part of the Chinese heritage for hundreds of years. It has a rich and powerful sound rich in overtones. Our Chao Gongs come from Wuhan, which is known to produce the best gongs in the world.

  • €47 – €1000+

Bao gong

The Bao gong (often called a Temple Gong) is traditionally a sacred gong use in temples throughout Asia. When struck, it produces a clear sustained note.

  • €119 – €149

Opera Gong and Tiger Gong.

These two gongs are very similar in appearance.  The opera gong gives a low note which asends up to the keynote which then resonates for a while. A tiger gong is more commonly descending and generally bigger than an opera gong and with a smaller shift in pitch.

  • €76 – 89



Wind gongs

A flat round gong usually made of bronze and well know for their loud and dynamic quality. They are produced to be heavy in overtones giving a sustained crashing sound.

  • €34 – €1000+

Bells and Cymbals

Brass Bells

We have a nice selection of brass bells in store. Alex is a great lover and collector of bells so we are always on the look out for new and interesting kinds.

  • €3.95 – €23.95


Bell strings and ankle bells

Bell strings have a lovely light angelic sound. They add magic to any music scenario.

Chinese Temple Bowls

These bowls are used primarily as bells and produce rich pure tone. They are different to Tibetan singing bowls in that they do not have as many overtones and they do not ‘sing’ when rubbed around the edge with a striker.

  • €42 – €80    

Tibetan Temple Bells (Bell and Dorje)

The Tibetan temple bell is a heavy brass bell with lovely resonance. It consists of the bell (which represents female energy) and dorje (which represents male energy). In buddhist tradition the bell is held and played in the left hand whilst the dorje is held in the right hand.

  • €16.90 – €34.90


Jing cymbals

Traditional chinese cymbals which are used at festive occasions.

  • €49 – €149


Tingsha – Tibetan Cymbals

Tingsha are small tibetan cymbals that are used for prayer and meditation. The sustained high pitched ring helps to create focus and mindfulness. We stock a range of different sizes. Smaller tingsha are higher pitched, large tingsha are lower pitched.

  • €17.90 – €32