Chimes and Singing bowls

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* The prices on this page were last updated June 2016, and are subject to change.  If you have any questions or queries, please call us on 01 555 0241

Singing bowls

Singing bowls (also known as meditation bowls, Tibetan bowls, medicine bowls) are played by striking the side or rim to produce beautiful therapeutic tones. A rubbing stick can be used on many bowls to sustain the sound by rubbing the outside of the bowl with the right combination of pressure and speed. Singing bowls are widely used by Sound therapists and are renowned for there healing vibrations.

Here at Gandharva Loka Dublin we have the largest selection of singing bowls in Ireland. The right singing bowl is very much a personal choice. Feel free to call in and try our range of bowls to find one that calls out to you.

Tibetan singing bowls

At Gandharva Loka we work directly with the makers in Nepal to obtain the finest quality singing bowls. The hand-beaten bowls are made following the tibetan tradition resulting in a sound rich in overtones.

  • Priced by weight, approx. €9 per 100g, for example 500g bowl: €45

Cast singing bowls

On the other hand, the cast metal singing bowls have less overtones and a more distinct single tone. They have a purer tone when rubbed around the outside. They come in a range of sizes and traditional finishes.

  • €15.50 – €100

Zen singing bowls

Zen bowls have a very smooth finish and have a light pure tone when struck. Because of their smooth finish they are very easy to ‘sing’ when rubbed with a mallet.


Crystal singing bowls

The quartz crystal singing bowls have to be experienced to be fully appreciated. They have amazing resonance which is very tangible and will fill any space with positive energy. We get our crystal bowls directly from the maker and we can assure that the quality and tone is exceptional. We have a range of sizes and notes. Please let us know if you need a bowl for a particular energy centre or chakra. Please give us advance notice if you would like or a full or half set of chakra crystal bowls.

  • Price range: €99 – 249

Wind Chimes

We have a lovely selection of wind chimes from renowned maker Woodstock chimes. Woodstock produces a beautiful selection of chimes from very small to very large. They also have a selection of chakra chimes each with a different stone and colour to match each chakra. One of most popular chimes is ‘Chimes of Earth’ which is the wind chime you see and hear hanging outside our shop! My own favourite is ‘Chimes of Athena’ or ‘Bells of Paradice’. I gave one to my mum which is hanging in the garden in the countryside. It is absolutely beautiful, tranquil with lows soothing resonances.

  • Price range €11.90 – €150

Zaphir Chimes

Once known as Shanti bells, the company split to become Zaphir chimes and Koshi Chimes. Both equally as beautiful in tone however with a different finish. The Zaphir chime has a variety of artistic coloured finishes and five tunings:

Sunray: Bright and happy

Sufi: Mystical

Blue moon: Deep and earthy

Crystalide: Angelic

Twilight: Light and fairy-like

  • €44.90 each

Koshi Chimes

These beautiful chimes have a beautiful delicate sound. Zaphir chimes and Koshi chimes are extremely popular with sound and music therapists because of their relaxing tones. The Koshi chime has a lovely natural bamboo finish and comes in four tunings named after the elements. The tunings certainly embodies the essence of each element.

Fire: warm and serene

Water: very Peaceful

Air: light and airy

Earth: deep and earthy

  • €44.90 each