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The bendir is a frame drum used throughout northern Africa. It has a two or three strand snare that run across the inside of its head which when the drum is played with the fingers or palm gives a unique buzzing quality.


At Gandharva Loka we stock a range of quality bodhráns from Irish makers Paraic McNeela and Micheal Vignoles (Co. Galway) as well as printed bodhráns by Waltons. In future we will also be commissioning a range of painted bodhráns by local artists.

  • Waltons range: €16.95 – €59.95
  • Padraic McNeela Bodhrans €65 – €159
  • Micheal Vignoles Bodhrans €75 – €179


One of the most famous drums worldwide, Bongos are a pair of drums mounted side by side. The larger drum produces the lower tone and the smaller a high tone. Traditionally a Afro-Cuban instrument they have been adopted in many music styles.

  • Price range €59.95 – €120


The Cajon, which literally means ‘box’ in Spanish, is a versatile percussion instrument which produces a bass and snare sound similar to a drum kit. It is mainly played by hand but kick pedals mallets, sticks and brushes can produce a variety of different tones. Due to it’s portability it has become a favorite for buskers or in sessions where space is an issue. This instruments sound amazing when micd up. Here at Gandharva Loka we have a selection of Cajons from Schlagwerk, Club Salsa and Irish made Cuil Beat Cajons.

  • €129 – €210


The Daf is a Persian  frame drum with jingles inside the top half of the frame. These produces a cool sizzle effect hen the drum is stuck. The Daf is played solely with hands and fingers.


The Damroo is a sacred hand drum from India. It is shook from side to side and the balls on each string strike the drum in succession. In Indian tradition the Lord Shiva has sustains the rhythm and flow of the whole Universe by playing the Damroo.

Darbouka /Doumbek


The Darbouka (or Doumbek) is the most popular hand drum to come from the middle eastern and North African region. It is played by resting the drum horizontally in the lap and using the hands and fingers. The traditional style of playing is to use a split figuring technique to achieve high speed rhythms. We stock a whole range of Darboukas and Doumbeks in store which come mainly from Turkey.

  • Price range €37 – €249



The Dholak is a traditional Indian double sided drum. This is an extremely popular drum for festivals and Pujas in India and is commonly used in Bangra and Bollywood film music. Our Dholaks come from Dehli and are either rope tuned or nut and bolt tuned.

  • €65 – €110


One of the most, if not the most widespread hand drums in the World; the djembe has huge appeal in its ease of playing, it’s satisfying deep bass tones and high rim tones. Hailing from West Africa the djembe is a drum that both the beginner and expert percussionist can enjoy. At Gandharva Loka we stock a large range of high quality djembes from the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia. Quality in djembes can vary widely. If you want quality at the right price come to Gandharva Loka.

  • €59 – €249


Ghatam translates literally as ‘Pot’ and is one of the main percussion instruments in South Indian music along side the Mridangam and Kanjira. The Ghatam has distinct high dry strokes and great masters of the instrument play with such speed and dexterity it is hard to believe!

  • By request

Khol (Mridangam)

The Khol is a beautiful drum from North indian that has low bass tones on the large face and very high sweet tones on the small face. This combination makes for very sweet and rhythmical accompaniment. The Khol is used in a variety of light Indian classical and folk music styles however it has been made popular in the west by Hari Krishna devotees who used the Khol for accompany in their devotional singing.

  • €229


The Mridanga is the main percussion instrument for accompaniment in South India. It is lower in pitch then the tabla or khol but it also tuned pricey to the key in which the musicians are performing. Like the tabla it taught verbally giving each stroke a syllable and then combining them to produce rhythmic phrases. The very nature of Mridanga allows the player the create both subtle and extremely powerful rhythms.

  • By request


The Naal is one of the lesser known drums from North India. It is used many in temple and devotional music.

  • By request

Ocean Drum

The Ocean Drum is a wonderful instrument! It creates the sound of  rolling waves breaking against the shore. Play it very softly to create a most subtle seascape. Play it powerful to produce a surge of waves crashing against the rocks. Held upright one can play it as a standard frame drum…a very versatile instrument indeed.

  • €49 – €89


The predecessor of the popular tabla, the Pakhawaj has lovely deep earthy tones and used in the Dhrupad style music of India.

  • By request


The Pandeiro is a popular Brazilian tambourine played with the hand. It synonymous with Samba music but also the traditional Brazilian styles. We have a selection of synthetic and natural skin pandeiros for you to try out.

  • Price range €49.95 – €87.90

Shaman Drum

Also known as Buffalo drum, this is a powerful drum that is played with a leather beater producing lovely rich tones. We have a range of goatskin and deluxe deerskin shaman drums in store. Soon to be added is synthetic skinned drums for all-weather  and sweat lodge use.

  • Goat Skin €53 – €95,   Deer Skin €99 – €129


The Tabla is the most popular percussion instrument found in India. It is renowned for it’s melodious tones from the high drum (dayan) and watery expressive bass sounds from the Bass drum (Bayan). As a tabla player myself I source only high quality tabla sets, even the student set is of a very good standard is good value. From time to time Gandharva Loka offers tabla workshops, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

  • Standard Set €279  – Deluxe set €359


Powerful double sided drums from the Japanese tradition.

Talking Drum

The talking drum is a unique and versatile little drum. It is played underarm with a curled stick. Using the pressure of the arm the pitch of the drum can be altered for a variety of expression. Traditionally in Africa the drum is used for communication over long distances.

  • €59


The tar is a large thin frame drum from the middle east. Played with the hands it produces sharp crisp tones.


The Udu is ceramic drum from Africa. It has a beautiful deep watery bass tones and crisp high tones. For percussion lovers this drum is a must and sounds incredible when mic’d.

  • €79 – €179


A ceramic darbuka style drum.

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