Children’s musical instruments

Plenty of instruments for children and children-at-heart alike!

Accordion (for children)

Piano and button models suitable for children from 7 up.

Cows and Sheep

(moo-baa boxes!)

These always produce a laugh from people who try them out in the shop – turn them upside down and a very realistic moo or baaa comes out!

Balloon Trumpet

Most people think these are drums when they first see them, but blow through them and you’ll find they make a pretty loud sound!

Bells for Children

These are a favourite in schools – eight coloured bells, one for each note!

Forest Devil

Swing this around for a great sound!

Giggle Stick

Shake this up and down for a giggly sound…

Music Boxes

A large variety of tunes, ranging from Mozart to Old MacDonald to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin!

Prayer drums

Spin these back and forward in a rhythmic motion


We have a huge range of colourful shakers (perfect for stocking-fillers) as well as more serious professional shakers for budding musicians…

Twitter Birds

Fill these cute terracotta birds with water, and blow through them to recreate the sound of birds in springtime!