Melodic instruments

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The prices on this page were last updated June 2016, and are subject to change. If you have any questions or for shipping please call us on 01 555 0241

Glockenspiels and xylophones


We stock a whole range of Glockenspiel from beginner diatonic to deluxe chromatic. The glockenspiel is one of the best instruments for introducing young children to music and sound. It is also one of the nicest and sweetest instrument to listen to when played professionally. The glockenspiel turns even the most bland piece of music into a melody of sweetness.

  • Price range €15.90 – €89

Energy chimes

Energy chimes produces a long sustained note as each chime is struck. Due to it design the tone modulates ever so slightly producing a therapeutic effect transmitting energy; hence the name Energy chime. Gandharva Loka stocks beautiful energy chimes from Woodstock percussion and in the very near future we will also have a full range of chimes that correspond to the Chakras. Stayed tuned…pardon the pun!

  • Price range €12.90 – €28.90


The Balafon is the super-xylophone from West Africa. It has a gorgeous resonant tone because of the calabash gourds that act as resonators underneath the wooden keys. This one of the happiest percussion instruments you can play, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Pipedream: Tube Glockenspiel

A dreamy sound indeed. This is a wonderful instrument for relaxation, meditation and sound therapy made by Woodstock percussion. The tubes are free to resonant giving a lovely modulating sustain. When you play this instrument all the worries of the world melt away. Come in to us in Temple bar and try it for yourself.

  • €89


The classic wooden percussion melody instrument. We have a range of xylophones including the high quality Swedish made models…absolutely beautiful.

  • €26.90 – €79

Kalimbas and Sansulas

Kalimba and Mbira (Thumb piano)

We have the biggest selection of kalimbas in Ireland! Commonly known as the thumb piano, it is played by plucking tines (metal bars) with the thumbs. The kalimba is truly an instrument that anyone can enjoy. We have a range of beautiful pentatonic kalimbas that are very easy to improvise on to diatonic kalimbas for playing melodies and songs on. Here are some of our makes:

Hugh Tracey : The most renowned maker among professionals (soon with pick-ups and also a chromatic version!)

  •  Price TBC

Hokema: These kalimbas have a very pure tone and lovely pentatonic scales. Great for beginners and pro’s alike

  • Price range €29.95 – €79

Coconut Kalimba: Actually made out of coconut shell! These sweet kalimbas from Bali are a best seller because they are inexpensive and have a happy cheerful sound.

  •  €19.95

Gourd Kalimba: Fantastic traditional Kalimbas from Senegal, West Africa

  • Price range: €25 – €47


Sansula is an amazing instrument with an amazing sound. It very modern kalimba which has membrane that acts as a resonator. This sound can be modulated to produces incredible tones. Because of it’s incredible pure tone and serene ambience it is often used for sound healing and for sound track production. Many animations have incorporated the beautiful sound of the Sansula. At Gandharva Loka we stock the three models of Sansula: The Basic (synthetic paper/platic membrane) , Renaissance (robust remo drum membrane) and Deluxe (natural goatskin with tuning system)

  • Basic €96
  • Renaissance €149
  • Deluxe €185


Harmoniums and Shruti Boxes


The Harmonium is the most widely used melody instrument in India. It is a beautiful accompaniment for the voice. It is a small organ that is played by pumping a bellows at the back of the instrument. The bellows is played by the weaker hand and the melody or chords played with the stronger hand. Gandharva Loka Dublin is currently the only store in Ireland stocking harmoniums but we certainly don’t take advantage of this fact. A harmonium player myself, I have managed to source good value, high quality harmoniums. Harmoniums from India are very ‘hit and miss’ and there are far more bad harmoniums out there then good ones however we assure that our harmoniums will have a good sustain and will be finely tuned.

  • €399 – €550

Shruti Box

The Shruti box is a lovely drone instrument that accompanies the voice. Traditionally used  to accompany devotional chants and kirtans it has also become popular for a variety of uses in other styles. One such use is accompaniment of traditional Irish song. The Shruti box is driven by a bellows and works by opening levers to certain reeds to produces a drone of a single note or a chord. A great addition to any music style. Call in to us to try one out.

  • €189 – 249

Other melodic instruments

Beginner’s accordion

These are great affordable melody instrument for children. The beginner’s accordion is a great way to introduce music and melody to the budding musician.

  • €32 – €75


What’s not to love about this wind driven melody instrument! Portable and practical it can be use for a number of scenarios from stage performance to street performance to recording. From €29.95, it’s a great addition to any musicians collection.

  • Stagg €29.95
  • Walther €39.95


Commonly known as the squeeze box, the concertina is a bellowed free-reed instrument. We currently have a range of student model double row and triple row concertinas. These are great value reliable instruments.

  • Price range €289 – 350

Steel Drum

The cheerful percussion instrument from Caribbean. The notes on steel pan are hammered to achieve different notes. This is a real art form and takes a considerable amount of time to tune each drum.

  • currently not in stock