Stringed instruments


Three stringed folk instrument from Russia. Has a lovely open sound, tuned AEE. Come in and try it out!


Traditional Brazilian percussion instrument with one string tensioned on a strong stick. This instrument migrated from Africa to Brazil and has become popular in accompanying capoeiro martial art. The single string is beaten with a stick and tone is modulated by a gourd attached to the string. The gourd is pressed against the body to achieve this. Gandharva Loka stocks berimbau’s in two sizes 1.30m and 1.60m.

Bowed Psaltery

Beautiful bowed instrument from the eastern Europe. The bowed psaltery is variation of the ancient plucked psaltery played in biblical times. The bowed psaltery has a lovely long resonance when bowed. It is chromatic instrument and each individual string is bowed to produce a note hence melody is played by going from one string to another. This is a wonderful instruments for those who wish enjoy a bowed instrument without the effort of learning violin.


Some call it the Super-Ukulele! The charango is a small 10 string (5 courses of 2 strings) lute from South America and is tuned G – C – E – A – E. Here at Gandharva Loka we work directly with a renowned charango maker and friend Gonzalo from Bolivia to bring you finely crafted instruments.

Ektara and Gopichand

The Ektara is a one stringed folk instrument from India. Is used a rhythmic drone for accompanying devotional songs.


The Erhu a traditional 2 string Chinese fiddle which is tuned A – D. It has a beautiful haunting sound. We have a great student Erhu set in stock for €145 including case and bow. Professional Erhu’s available on demand.

Esraj (and dilruba)

Beautiful bowed instrument from North Indian. An instrument primarily for devotional music. This is one on the rarer stringed Instruments and is currently available by request only.

Gu zheng

The Gu Zheng is a 21 string zither (harp) from China. This is one the most beautiful instruments in our store and true a favourite with our customers. The Gu Zheng truly embodies the oriental ambience. One strum and every chinese martial art movie comes flooding back. Tuned in the traditional D pentatonic it is a pleasure just to improvise on.

Hammered Dulcimer

Played with two mallet called hammers the strings on the dulcimer are struck to produce a distinct light timbre. We currently have a lovely 9/10 model in stock.


Ireland’s most iconic instrument. We have a range of Celtic harps in stock from 16 to 27 string. We also have a range of small 8 and 5 string ornamental harps.

Kinnor Harp

The Kinnor is an ancient type of harp from the middle east. We stock both the full size kinnor and a smaller model which is very popular because of it’s portability.


A modern fusion of three traditional instruments the Koto, Tanpura and Monochord. There is a large scope for creativity on this instrument and it is a wonderful instruments for practitioners of sound therapy.


The Koto is a Japanese zither played with figure picks.


The Lyre is essentially a small hand held harp with steel strings. It has a lovely angelic sound and can be tuned in pentatonic or diatonic scales. We stock a lovely 10 string lyre as well as beautiful high quality lyre from Swedish maker Auris.


Very popular these days in the traditional Irish scene, the mandolin has a lovely bright timbre. We have a range of flat back, f-style and Portuguese mandolins.

Mountain Dulcimer


The famous middle eastern lute. Our Ouds come directly from a skilled maker in Turkey.


The Sarod is fretless lute from North India. Owing to it’s goatskin resonator it is somewhat of a fusion between a slide guitar and a banjo. It’s sound is unmistakable and truly a joy to listen to.


The swarmandal is a type of hand held harp from North India. It is used by indian classical vocals as accompaniment during performance.

Morin Khur

The wonderful double stringed fiddle from Mongolia distinguished by it’s angular body and head carved as a horse.


The most famous of instruments from North India. The Sitar is a 20 stringed instrument with a large gourd resonator and a long neck. Of it’s 20 strings 13 are sympathetic strings the resonate in harmony with the strings above them. There are 4 rhythmic strings and then 3 strings on which Melody is played. Gandharva Loka offers finely crafted Sitars from €499, an excellent choice for anyone wanted to explore this exotic instrument.


The tanpura is 4 or 5 stringed drone instrument used throughout India. It has very spiritual significance in Indian music and the drone of tanpura is likened to an ocean of sound from which all the melodies flow forth. It’s simply strummed over and over to produce a lovely wash of sound. It will be tuned in the key in which the musician or singer is preforming.


Little needs to be said for the Ukulele. Super portable, playable and lovable it is a worldwide hit. At Gandharva Loka we have range of beginner Ukuleles from Mahalo, to higher quality models from Kala and Tennessee. We have the right Ukulele for you.


Ancient double gourded instrument from India. This is quite a magnificent instrument in both shape and sound. This instrument is currently by request order only.