Wind instruments



The Bahu is a traditional Chinese flute. It is fitted with a Brass reed which gives it a beautiful Clarinet like tone


The Bansuri is the best know Indian flute. In the hands of a Master it is absolutely one of the most beautiful flutes you will ever hear. It is made of Bamboo cane and is renowned for it’s sweet, pure tone. We have a range of Bansuri from beginner to Professional.

  • Price range €7.95 – €120

Bird Whistles


The Conch is said to be the most sacred instrument in India. It is blown the temples and is said to represent divine victory. The conch is a very powerful horn and certainly carries positive energy.

  • €55 – €77


The Dizi is a traditional bamboo flute from China that has a hole with a resonating paper membrane which gives is an interesting subtle buzzing effect.

  • €37 – 57


The Didgeridoo is an instrument native to the Aboriginal people of Australia. It is played by placing the mouth at the top of the didgeridoo and then vibrating the lips with the breath. A circular breathing technique creates a continues drone. At Gandharva Loka we stock a wide range of Didgeridoo’s from affordable bamboo didges, great for the practicing beginner, to professional Irish made one off pieces by Peter Fitzpatrick in Co. Cork.

  • Bamboo €19.95 – €23.95
  • Teak with aboriginal artwork €59
  • PVC and tunable didges €37 – €99
  • Peter Fitzpatrick Irish made €299 – €750


The Fujara is a very large overtone flute for Slovakia. It has a very atmosphere tone.

  • €399


Dungchen (Tibetan Horn)

The Dungchen is a ceremonial horn used by buddhist monks in Tibet and Mongolia. The horn, played much like a trumpet, can produce both low and high tones depending on the pressure of breath applied.



Also known as the ‘mouth harp’ the harmonica is one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is extremely portable and fun to play.

  • €4.50 – €89



The Hu-Lu-Si is an traditional reeded flute from China. It constructed from a gourd into which has there are bamboo pipes inserted. Brass reeds inside the gourd chamber resonate when the Hu-Lu-Si is blown. There is the main bamboo piece on which the scale is played and then two drone pieces creating a very unique almost bagpipe like drone.

  • €89


The Kazoo is an easy and super fun instrument to play. Just hum any tune into the larger end and it produces a wonderful vibrato.

  • Plastic €2     Metal €4.95


Made famous by the video game ‘The Legend of Zelda’ the ocarina is a unique wind instrument that is growing in popularity because of it’s sweet tone and portability. Ocarina’s come in all shape and sizes from simple 4 and 5 hole diatonic ocarinas to 12 hole chromatics. We stock all kinds of ocarina including ceramic peruvian ocarina’s and susato 5 hole ocarina’s which are wonderful for beginners. Now exclusively at Gandharva Loka we have a range of official ‘Legend of Zelda’ ocarinas.

  • Price range €3.95 – €85

Native American flutes

Native American flutes are very easy to play and very enjoyable to improvise on. The native scale is a pentatonic minor scale which gives them a distinctive mystical tone. For this reason they have become popular for both solo use and for use in sound healing sessions. Gandharva Loka is an official retailer of High spirits flutes from Arizona, one of the most renowned makers in the U.S. We also have a nice bamboo native america flutes from Peru and affordable foil laminated flutes.






Nose Flute

Pan Flute

Squeeze horns

Susu Whistles

Twittering Bamboo


Slide Whistles

Tin Whistles