Arabic Oud with Gigbag


The Oud is the most popular string instrument throughout Turkey and the middle East and was named Luth in Europe. The warmth of the sound is simply overwhelming, it’s definitely worth its price for all the string instrument lovers.


  • Six course Oud with classic tear drop shape and bowl bottom.
  • Scale Length is 615 mm.
  • 5 wound nylon strings and 6 rectified nylon strings
  • The body is made from Lacewood and the bowl has white pinstripes in between each wooden stave.
  • The neck and Tuning pegs are made from Lacewood whereas fingerboard is made from Walnut
  • Its soundboard is made from spruce wood and has a very natural look with variations of wood tone.
  • It has 3 round sound holes with beautiful goatskin rosettes
  • This oud contains a great selection of woods and wonderful craftsmanship.
  • Includes Gig bag

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