Irish Flute – Cocuswood, Tunable


Cocuswood is one of the original and finest tonewoods used widely in the 19th century for crafting woodwind instruments. The flute is ideal for intermediate and beginner players wishing to upgrade their first starter flute.
Its is extremely easy to play and it gives a full, bright and rich sound which tonal quality was improved with an even better low D. The Cocus flute features a tuning slide for pitch adjustment.


  • Key of D.
  • 8 Tone Holes.
  • Tuning Slide for pitch adjustment.
  • New & Improved bright, rich tone.
  • Very smooth to play.
  • Comes with a stylish shock-proof foam-lined hard case perfect for transporting and storing.
  • New & Improved Strong Low D.

Out of stock right now...but we'll probably have it in again soon. Please send us a message and we can give you a timeframe.