Peter Hess Universal / Joint Bowl Bowl phKS9-G


The Peter Hess Universal singing bowl is a great general use singing bowl. Many customers who visit Gandharva Loka Music Store choose this as their ‘go to’ bowl for daily use. Very high quality and easy to play.

  • Diameter approx. 21 – 22 cm
  • Height approx. 8 cm
  • Known as the ‘joint bowl’ (or as the ‘all-purpose bowl’), it weighs approx. 900 – 1000 g and features thin walls
  • It has a wide range of sounds and can therefore serve the whole body – wonderful for the reflex zones of the feet and hands
  • It is characterized by an intense vibration, which is why it is particularly suitable for use with the joints
  • When played using different mallets, it is possible to change the sound character
  • With small hard mallets, the overtones take on a more dominant character (the brighter tones are brought out)
  • With thicker and softer mallets, the lower frequencies of the bowl become more pronounced
  • With such a range of mallets, this bowl can be used all over the body
  • As an entry level singing bowl for beginners, this is the ideal model
  • Mallet recommendations: phFS-2h / phFS-2w / phGS-5a / phGS-5KKS / phGS-d1 (all are not included)
  • Buy from a unique Irish owned business

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