Zaphir Chime, Twilight (Autumn)


Zaphir are truly a delightful chime. The subtitles in their tone create a very soothing atmospheric sound that everyone can enjoy. This beautiful quality chime has made the Zaphir a number one for Sound and Music Therapists. Very popular also for use before or after a meditation or yoga session.


Five tunings to choose from:

  • Crystralide (GABDAGBA), Spring
  • Sunray (G#BC#EG#EAC#), Summer
  • Twilight (EGBCEGBC), Autumn
  • Blue Moon (DFABCEA#C), Winter
  • Sufi (FADFAGAD), Intermediary

Please note: each tuning does not have its dedicated colour, there are 21 colour patterns for each chime.

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