Music Workshops at Gandharva Loka

We are now offering a new and exciting range of music workshops for all ages in our beautiful, bright space above our music store. We seek to provide a environment for creativity, discovery and, most importantly, fun! We will be adding all sorts of unique and wonderful workshops in the course of time.


Starts Monday Sept 23rd2019

For this 6 week practice pad course…

Practice pads and notes are provided so all you need is €90 and a pair of sticks.

people meditating outdoors


Music and Meditation – Free Event

Coming soon

Join us for an evening of music, mantra and meditation that will inspire and energise. Allow the dynamism of meditation music to carry you deep within.

Free Admission

The Irish Whistle Adventure – with Sarah Hale

In love with Irish music?

Come and discover the magic of this world renowned instrument in our Irish whistle adventure. Whether you are or not a trained musician is absolutely irrelevant!

In this workshop Sarah will introduce you to the amazing history of Ireland’s traditional music, and what is more, you will discover that, you too, can enjoy and play lovely Irish melodies on the Irish whistle.

Please call 01 478 9130 to arrange this workshop. Groups of four or more.

Sarah is a lifelong classical and Irish music lover, she will share with you her knowledge, stories and practice so you too can make it your own!

Don’t leave Ireland without experiencing its most vibrant tradition!

woman playing irish tin whistle
woman holding a singing bowl

Sound Journeys and Sound Therapy at Gandharva Loka


Feel like you need to deeply relax before the week starts all over again?

Chimes, singing bowls, gongs, strings for around the world will help you dive deep within and reconnect to your source. The benefits of sound are many, it allows us to let go of old patterns of behaviour, balances out our emotions, help regain focus, improves sleep, develop creativity, strengthen immune system, stimulates endocrine glands and regulate hormonal functions, but more than anything it simply feels incredibly good.

So if you are tempted by this sound journey, bring your blanket and your yoga mat and we will take you for a unique journey to rejuvenation.

Offered by talented practitioners.

Contact us for details and prices.