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We stock hundreds of different instruments from all corners of the globe, including some that are surprisingly easy for beginners to pick up and play.

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A great selection, ranging from  cute beginner models to concert ukeleles for seasoned pros. more »

Kalimbas and Sansulas

These African thumb pianos are an immediate favourite with our visitors for their beautiful sound and ease of play. more »

Singing bowls

Bring the inner tranquility of a Tibetan monastery into your home. more »

Handpans and tongue drums

Such is the demand for handpans that we can only get our hands on a few each year, call in before they fly out the door again! more »

Indian instruments

As far as we know, we’re the only Irish stockists of sitars, harmoniums, tabla, shruti boxes and tanpuras

African instruments

From percussive to melodic, such as the Balafon and Kalimba, to strung, such as the Kora and Ngoni, we stock a broad variety of African instruments. We always have a lovely selection of Djembes in store from student to Pro.   more on djembes »

Flutes and whistles

From Irish flutes from Martin Doyle to flutes from all over the world. more »

Wind chimes

Including our Koshi chimes, with their tones representing the four elements, or the Zaphir chimes with their unique colour toned finish. more »

We are adding new instruments all the time!

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Our inspiration

The inspiration to start Gandharva Loka came from the spiritual teacher and musician Sri Chinmoy – we aim to make the store a joyful place where everyone can discover their inner musician.

In his lifetime, Sri Chinmoy performed over 800 Peace concerts of meditative music all over the world. He would play a wide variety of instruments from all over the world in these concerts, and he often spoke of the spontaneous childlike joy he got from trying new instruments.

I get tremendous joy from my music and that joy I try to offer to the listeners. While I am offering the joy that I receive from playing, I feel that the listeners are also offering me their inner joy…So this is how we become a oneness-soul, a oneness-family.

Sri Chinmoy

You can find out more about Sri Chinmoy’s life on the Sri Chinmoy Centre website. For those who are interested, the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre frequently offers free meditation classes and concerts of peaceful music to the general public, more details can be found here…

Video: Sri Chinmoy meditates at the beginning of a concert, and then plays the flute

Our team

Gandharva Loka’s first store came into being in 1989 in Zurich, and we also have sister stores in Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg, Christchurch and Vancouver. The name Gandharva Loka was given to us by Sri Chinmoy – it means ‘the Abode of the Celestial Musicians‘ in Sanskrit.

Sadanand Magee is the owner and manager of Gandharva Loka Dublin. He has been an avid enthusiast for music since his childhood, when he was introduced to his first drum kit. He then went on to play hand drums, djembes and has been studying Indian tabla for many years. This study of world percussion exposed him to the vast array of music cultures from around the world. He frequently performs concerts of meditative music, and is a member of UK music group Ananda, international group Ashru Dhara and a member of Gandharva Loka Orchestra, a world music ensemble that has performed concerts of Sri Chinmoy’s music in over 20 countries.

Audio: Sadanand performs Sri Chinmoy’s songs with Kanala Auer on sitar, during a concert in Portugal

Alex Agarkov has studied audio and sound engineering and has been working with music and recording for countless years. He plays an array of percussion instruments as well as his much loved Native American flute. Alex loves exploring new sounds and trying out all the new instruments as soon as they arrive in the store!

Constantine Agarkov, Alex’s brother also helps out in the shop from time to time. He is an excellent sound engineer and loves working on and expanding his home recording studio.

Nirbhasa Magee, Sadanand’s brother, is the awesome web designer who built this website. He is always happy to help out with the technical stuff.


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