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The name Gandharva Loka was given to us by Sri Chinmoy – it is in the ancient Sanskrit language and means: ‘The Abode of the Celestial Musicians‘. As a Peace-Lover Sri Chinmoy envisioned Gandharva Loka to be a place where everyone could explore the joy and wonder of music, in turn inspiring their creativity and positivity. Gandharva Loka’s first store came into being in 1989 in Zurich, and we also have sister stores in Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg, Christchurch and Reykjavik.

Sadanand Magee

Sadanand Magee
Owner / Manager

Name: Sadanand Magee
Nationality: Irish
Languages: English, agus cúpla focal as Gaeilge.

About me: I have had an interest in music since my early teens, when I was introduced to his first drum kit (much to the dissatisfaction of my neighbours). While studying at NUI Galway I went on to explore different hand drums, particularly the djembe. I now have been studying the Indian tabla as my main instrument for many years. This study of world percussion has exposed me to the vast array of music cultures from around the world. I frequently get the opportunity to perform concerts of meditative music, as member of UK music group Ananda, international group Ashru Dhara and Gandharva Loka Orchestra.

Instruments played: Indian Tabla, Drumkit, Handpan, Bodhran, Harmonium, Djembe, Cajon, Kanjiri, Udu, Jews harp, Flutes and whistles, bit of Ukulele.
Favourite music: Meditation Music, North Indian Classical, Contemporary World
What i love about my job: Simply seeing the joy and inspiration that our store gives to our customers.
Things that make me happy: Meditation, Music and Running …the perfect trinity! I do a lot of running (2.50 marathon PB, 34min 10km PB), love nature and I enjoy travelling for concerts and for the Peace Run… an awesome initiative.
Favourite quote: “Try not to change the world. You will fail. Try to love the world. Lo, theworld is changed. Changed forever.” -Sri Chinmoy


Alex Agarkov
Percussion Pro

Name: Alex Agarkov
Nationality: Irish
Languages: English, Russian

About: I have always loved the creative side of music. I studied audio and sound engineering and have been working with music and recording for countless years. I enjoy playing an array of percussion instruments as well as my much loved Native American flute. I love exploring new sounds and trying out all the new instruments as soon as they arrive in the store!

Instruments played: Djembe, Cajon, Udu drum, Tongue drum, Handpan, Jews harp, Native American flute, Kalimba.
Favourite music: Electronic/Experimental
What i love about my job: I get great joy being around all these beautiful instruments and helping out people finding something new and unique.
Things that make me happy: Meditating in the morning, Yoga, making music, spending time with my family.
Favourite quote: “Every moment is a golden opportunity for self-transcendence” Sri Chinmoy

Gianluca Marangon

Gianluca Marangon
Enthusiastic volunteer

Name: Gianluca Marangon
Nationality: Croation
Languages: English, Italian, Croatian, Serbian,

About me: Hi, my name is Gianluca Marangon I was raised Rovigno a small town in croatia, my Homeland. I studied in Italian language and later acquired the Italian nationality. I am training to become a Montessori teacher in Dublin and my passion is to study how to foster children development. I feel music plays a big role in this. I play guitar and sing. If I were an album I would be “revolver” by the Beatles, for me this music embodies life’s simplicity and I feel it’s a call to discover the secrets of life through music.

Instruments played: Guitar, Ukulele, percussion
Favourite music: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Meditation music
What i love about my job: Working at Gandharva Loka is an amazing chance for me to discover about world music. I especially enjoy when a customer plays instrument of which I know little so that I can learn.
Things that make me happy: Peaceful meditation, Good food, music with friends and spending time in nature
Favourite quote: Yesterday I was clever, that is why I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, that is why I am changing myself!” – Sri Chinmoy

Aarif Amod

Aarif Amod
Enthusiastic volunteer

Name: Aarif Amod
Nationality: South African / Irish
Languages: English

About me: I started playing music when I was 17 years old. I started playing the Drum Kit and really enjoyed exploring different kinds of Percussion instruments. I have a strong connection with African and Indian music having Roots in those countries. Playing music, Exploring different instruments and Connecting with other people who are Passionate is my greatest Love about Music.

Instruments Played: Djembe, Udu Drum, Congas, Sansula, Tongue Drum,Kalimba, Handpan Jews Harp
Favorite Music: Indian Classical, African, Jazz and Experimental.
What I Love about my Job: Being part of team that revolves around making people happy with the act of Music. And connecting with people who are Passionate about Music.
Things that make me Happy: Drum Circles, Photography and Swimming in the Ocean
Favourite Quote: When you play music, You rediscover a part of yourself you never knew existed – Bill Evans

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